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The Martial Arts online training.

There are many people who are interested in martial arts who do not wish to enroll in a public martial arts school. These potential students are perfect for online training sessions. At the American Institute Of Martial arts we have developed just such a program. A potential student may contact Master Liedke to join our unique program.

This is not a belt factory. Each student will have to perform the required number of techniques (from both sides) over a specified length of time to achieve each rank, and will have to send a videotape of each test to be judged for that rank. If the test is satisfactory, a certificate will be issued for that level. If not, more time must be spent in practice and corrections must be made. Questions on technique will be answered by the Instructor by e-mail. Any martial art takes time to learn even the basics. Most students expect to learn in a shortest period of time. In our school, or on line, a student has to show through their technique that he or she has spent the time necessary for their rank.

After contact has been made with the Chief Instructor, the potential students will need to be first qualified by Master Liedke by e-mail or telephone.

The student will also need a partner to practice with and this partner must also become a student. A DVD will be issued with the required number of techniques demonstrated by Master Liedke for each level. Also, a disclaimer must be signed by both parties before joining. All payments will be made to Master Bob Liedke through

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