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A.M.I.A. open since 1980


American Institute of Martial Arts Students

Teaching Godo-Ryu Aikido for over 30 years.


This unique, practical and applications focused system of Aikido was developed by Aikido Master Bob Liedke, Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member and star of the successful Panther Production Series "Safe Escape Aikido".


The school is currently owned and led by

Sensei Jim Bonosconi, holding the rank of 6th dan

awarded by Master Liedke.


The American Institute offers a friendly and welcoming enviornment to train. 

Our Community offers a supportive atmosphere, where our dedicated Aikido-ka work closely with each student to guide their developement in a productive way.

Technique of the Week


Aikido also known as the “Art of Peace”

Is a Japanese martial art derived from different martial styles. The goal is to avoid fighting.

Aikido does not seek a fight, but it does not fear one. It can finish a fight in a second, and the opponent will not know what happened.


How often do we face struggles in our life?

Almost everyday. It has been said that the

Aikido principles apply to every area of our life.

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