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People who are interested in taking up a martial art do so for many different reasons.  Health, fitness and weight loss, others for self



Martial arts are not intended to destroy life but to improve the lives

of those who practice them. The practice of a martial arts is not meant to make you more aggressive, but to teach you a non-confrontational attitude about life.


This is not to say that a skilled martial artist could not destroy an attacker if such action is needed. All of the arts have hidden in them the means to take a life. Make no mistake, life is full of danger.


If you're insecure and afraid, your own fear may prevent you from being able to dissipate a physical or verbal confrontation.


AIMA will teach you the ability to control your fear.

Fear is the real enemy that needs to be defeated.

Fear paralyzes the mind and body at the moment you

most need a clear effective movement.

American Institute of Martial Arts, Aikido students

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