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     Student Testimonials


          -Dennis H Best school I've been in

          -Lina R. Friendly and supportive, makes learning easy

          -Don P. I'm been to several schools, for me this is the best!

          -Tom F. I was so stressed out from my work as an attorney that I was afraid of a heart attack. It changed my life!

          -Steve S. In my work as a police officer, I've found training how to handle people without being violent.

          -Fiona C. This is the friendliest school I've ever attended. I was so afraid to learn to defend myself because the schools I seen were so violent.

          -Jim B. Because of what I watched in other places, this place was worth driving an hour to get here.

         -Dennis H. Because of the fair and friendly way Sensei treats all the students, you can't help but develop a great attitude!

         -Doug H. As a police officer, what I have learned helps me deal with the public in a much friendlier manner

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