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I've never studied any martial arts before, can I do this?

Absolutely. Our school is a community dedicated to helping each other learn, regardless of starting ability. Our experienced instructors are here to train you to reach your potential and help you exceed your own expectations of what you can do, both safely and within your limits. Instruction is personalized on a student-by-student basis during our classes, allowing students who have not been active for many years to learn alongside more athletic peers who may not have studied martial arts previously. Our students improve their levels of fitness through their training, progressing at a rate that is most comfortable for them.


Is this an MMA school? 

Not in the popular sense of the term. While the American Institute of Martial Arts has taught a system consisting of multiple martial arts since 1980, we are not a school looking to produce the next UFC star. Our school emphasizes quick resolution of combat situations, which includes preventing a fight from turning into a grappling match. We recognize that people train here to learn practical self-defense in a supportive, fun environment, and that nobody wants to risk injury or turn up to work the next day covered in bruises.



Is Practicing Godo-ryu Aikido Dangerous?

Under the supervision and tutelage of our instructors, injuries are easily avoided and best practices of training safety are always followed.

Our instructors and students alike practice with the understanding that focused training does not have to put anyone at risk. Students are instructed and trained in a manner targeted at building ability and confidence.

While one must keep in mind that Godo-ryu Aikido is a contact activity, soreness is far more likely to result from using muscle groups that may have previously been inactive or underutilized.



What is Godo-ryu Aikido?

Godo-ryu Aikido, meaning "Unified School Aikido", is a martial art that combines traditional Aikido with modern,

practical self-defense techniques.

Developed by Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee Robert Liedke, Godo-ryu Aikido is a martial art accessible to people

of all levels of fitness or ability.

Godo-ryu Aikido is a martial art that emphasizes fluid movement, blending with opponent attacks, and using an opponent's

size and weight advantage against him/her.





What are the ranks of Godo-ryu Aikido?

Students begin their journey as a 6th Kyu white belt Aikido-ka. 

Students at this level attain a functional grasp of practical self defense techniques and begin to learn about effective movement, balance, and using an attacker's momentum as an asset. With regular training, a student will be ready for advancement after three to five months.

The 5th kyu rank is an extension to the technique learning process of 6th kyu. Advanced techniques are introduced at this level, as students become more comfortable with their rolls and break falls. Students learn how to execute familiar techniques from disadvantageous positions.

Additional pins and submissions are taught at this level, as the student begins to develop a sense of control. Fluidity of movement, stability, and reversing an opponent's strength are present within all exercises. Students at this level may begin to train against multiple attackers, learning how to respond in fast-paced situations while using smart movement and the attacks of one's opponents to safely escape harm.

The 4th kyu rank primarily focuses on honing techniques through improved movement and understanding of the forces at work in each technique. Instructors occasionally refer to this rank as the "forced step". Students become familiar with forcing their opponents to make mistakes, exploiting their attacks to take their balance (and as a consequence, assume a disadvantageous stance). More advanced techniques are introduced at this level, including those that require a level of precision and fluidity not typically seen in earlier ranks.

The 3rd Kyu rank at this rank students are well-trained in the basic techniques of Godo-ryu Aikido, including throwing techniques, joint lock submission techniques, choking submissions, and defenses from multiple varieties of attack and position. With this knowledge and level of experience, the student typically begins to identify weaknesses in his/her techniques, understanding that (s)he is only now beginning the journey to master Godo-ryu Aikido. Students at this level revisit all previously taught techniques, training with a rigorous focus on fluidity of motion, proper manipulation of inertia, and quickness of response.

The 2nd kyu rank continues to emphasize improvement and refinement of earlier techniques. At this level, students have typically had a chance to train on nearly all of the techniques in Godo-ryu Aikido with a variety of opponents. Further refinement of one's movement and control takes place at this level, as the student strives to attain a deeper functional understanding through mat time and mentoring students of higher kyus.

The 1st kyu focuses on self-improvement through mentoring others. Students prepare to become instructors as a 1st Kyu brown belt.

Students are expected to have high proficiency of all techniques within Godoryu Aikido, having spent hundreds of hours in training.

1st Dan black belt A Godo-ryu Aikido practitioner that has reached this level is considered an expert martial artist, capable of defending him/herself and others from harm while subduing an opponent safely and under control. One that has reached this level has begun to achieve mastery within the art, and is typically given permission to lead classes and instruct others. This rank indicates a substantial accomplishment, requiring many years of consistent training and dedication to the art to achieve.


How much does it cost ?

The American Institute of Martial Arts charges $100.00 per month for unlimited classes, which are held 6 days a week covering both mornings and evenings. Special discounts are available for families, police officers, firefighters, and veterans. Additionally, discounts are available with prepayment of 6- or 12-month enrollment.


Our school supplies a durable gi that is to be worn during Fall, Winter, and Spring training at a one-time cost of $40.

An American Institute of Martial Arts t-shirt that may be used in lieu of a gi for summer training is also available.


Private classes can be arranged by contacting Sensei Jim Bonosconi


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