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American Institute of Martial Arts was founded in 1980


Sensei Jim Bonosconi

Master Robert Liedke and Fourth Dan and school owner Jim Bonosconi

Sensei Jim Bonosconi


6th Dan Godo-ryu Aikido, 26 years experience.


Sensei Jim Bonosconi started training at the American Institute of Martial Arts in 1988 under Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee and Aikido Master Robert Liedke.


In 2008, Jim was promoted to Chief Instructor and serves as owner of The American Institute..


When he's not training Godo-ryu Aikido, Jim serves as a veteran firefighter in Bridgeport, CT, with over 16 years of experience.


Jim Bonosconi has been married to Master Liedke's daughter Tracy for 25 years.




Founder, Master Robert Liedke


10th Dan Godo-ryu Aikido, with 40+ years experience.


A student of Judo and Aikido master In-Soo Hwang, Robert Liedke

began training in 1970.


Struck by Aikido's beauty and interplay between sophistication and simplicity, Master Liedke dedicated his life to its study.


He firmly believed that Aikido concentrates on teaching you to be a better person.  A guide to understand yourself better by developing patience and

a healthy attitude both mentally and physically.


Master Liedke firmly believes that Aikido-ka, those that practice Aikido, are not the kind of people to start fights, but are the kind of people who end them as quickly, and as safely as possible.


In response to changing times and the various strengths inherent to the many martial arts that exist in the world, Master Liedke developed his own unique system: Godo-ryu Aikido.


By taking the precision, movement, and technique found in traditional Aikido and combining it with self-defense techniques designed to be effective in real life, he has created an effective martial art that can safely be practiced by anyone with a dedication to it.


In 2008, after 45 years of practicing Aikido, Master Liedke retired from teaching and named Sensei Jim Bonosconi as Chief Instructor.


Master Robert Liedke passed away in November 2015. 


His legacy and teachings are carried on by his dedicated Aikido-ka.

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